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When Mr. Sofyan, CEO of MotoSmart contacted us to built the company website, we’re all excited about this opportunity. We held a meeting on MotoSmart’s office to outline the basic principles and direction of the site.

MotoSmart is an automotive dealer, focusing on selling used or second-hand Honda motorcycles, but only the ones in prime conditions. The market for this particular business is pretty wide in Medan, with the company already established a strong base on community online shop such as OLX.

The initial plan is to take the company branding to the next level. Selling on community online shop, while it guarantees more audience, prevent the company to expand their major selling point, which is the quality of the products. They have little to no chance to show off the branding, and being with other vendors on the same category, the company visibility forced to blend with others.


On the techical side, the site required to display a wide-range of motorcycles, all with its details in a neat way, but also to be easily searchable. We also built a specific section to calculate the credit simulation of each motorcycle, so the user have more options than to buy the product in cash.


On the backend, a system of sales reporting also included, so Mr. Sofyan can easily check the shop sales anywhere, right from his gadget. The site is optimized to work across wide range of devices, including tablets dan smartphones.


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