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Our team has been a long fan of Scott Jones’s work. We diligently stalking his previous Photo.GP site and spent hours admiring our MotoGP heroes, captured brilliantly by him.

We are so attached to MotoGP, that at one point, we decided to build our own Indonesian language blog about it. It would be no surprise, that Scott’s amazing imagery are filling our articles and news soon after.

When Scott contacted us about building his own online shop for his pictures, we instantly jumped in excitement. Scott even provide us with a sleek PSD design, which allowed us to move on with the project methodically.


Scott wanted a unified platform for his blog and online store. WooCommerce are our first choice in terms of e-commerce in WordPress, and it works seamlessly on the new website.


To make shopping experience easier on the shop, we provide Scott with multiple way to set shipping address, which is not available initially on WooCommerce. The result, Scott can now set specific shipping rates for various zones all across the world.


We also provide Scott with custom system for handling Google Adsense management. The site also optimized to work on various range of mobile devices.


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